Thursday, 9 July 2009

Do I recognise the possibility of another POV?

Speaking of what is the rational argument against fat acceptance, what about myself? Do I recognise the possibility of other points of view on fatness? This is a bit of a conceit of course because, how could I not?

If you're a fat person who's never and would never like yourself any less because of mere fatness and is shocked that anyone thinks you should, congratulations- where do you live, the moon?

You cannot avoid the other point of view that fat is bad news that is what we've been living under and why its such a struggle to detach ourselves from it. I think people who ask if we recognise other views ignore our experiences as if  they were nothing. That's how they can ask questions like this.

It's as if they're making the typical view the same as us trying to escape it and think for ourselves, which is extraordinary to me. It's like comparing an adult to a bright child who's learning to express themselves in a way that fully reflects their intelligence.

I recognise (and always have) that some people wish to control their weight to change it up or down. I do not personally have a problem with that. My problem is with degrading fat people in any way shape or form as part of a route to that. That should never have been the way for any reason.

The slimming experiment is done and the results are clear, there's nothing to argue about. I do not see any point in thinking which requires a fat person to think less of ourselves, that encourages aggression towards us.

The view that fatness is bad is not the problem, the problem is the actions and attitudes it is supposed to justify-it doesn't.

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