Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Is it possible to be fat and happy?

A couple of answers; who cares, or why? 

What on earth has it come to that this is even a question? It has always sounded so bogus, the disbelief that someone could sink to such a low idea of human resilience and capacity to snatch happiness from the most unpromising of circumstances is left aside so completely.

It feels like its making a point, that we all ought to question and doubt this possibility. All it does is make us all seem really spoilt and pathetic. That goes equally for people who are fooled by it or play down to it claiming to be deeply unhappy solely due to their fatness. It's never solely that, ever.

If we say yes, the  aim is clearly to deprive us of it/ convince us we are not, tell us we cannot possibly believe it. Its wishful thinking expressed in the nastiest underhand manner.

So why the hell are we being asked if as usual the answer has already been worked out by the questioner?

It's so telling the way the answers are all worked out beforehand, and we are endlessly required to keep rubber stamping them. If they are so happy with their answers, why trouble fat people about this prompting to parrot what they want?

Just how obedient are we required to be to whatever capricious whims the insecure anti obesity mindset sinks to?

Obviously, it doesn't make people happy quite happy enough to give this kind of ritual a rest.
To register existence and attempt the displaced task of an ego compromised by basing any part of its worth on either being slim or the prospect of it; because of this, fat people must be unhappy. How can we not be?

We are being punished by the ultimate social terrors; unpopularity, exclusion. If we weren't unhappy how does that leave all the compromises that others have made to avoid this? Wouldn't that mean fear of being cast out was even more pathetic than is feared?

If plain old fatties could overcome that fear.......(no they couldn't possibly) aren't we supposed to be weak, pathetic and desperate for the approval of others? That can't be, so fatties must be unhappy, I don't believe that fat people can be happy etc.

Really, who cares? I'm happy to be unhappy or happy, due to the ebb and flow of mood and what's going on in my life, like anyone else.

No need to prove anything either way. I'm not afraid to be unhappy, I've experienced enough of it to not allow the thought of it to bully me more than it alone can get away with. Anyway, what's it got to do with anyone daft enough to ask me such a banal and meaningless question?

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