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Letting fat children eat food, is child abuse

The above is the real title of a piece by the professional whiner Amanda Platell. The term 'junk food' to mean any food that has more than five calories is scare mongering nonsense.

Whilst I've made a habit of avoiding said hack, as I just can't stand the feeling of having all the intelligence sucked out of my brain and substituted with shrill stupidity.
I can do that for myself, thanks AP.

These vituperative assaults on the self respect of fat children have now become the fall back position of the intellectually bankrupt with bullying tendencies. They need to remember they are talking about not fat children, but children, who have yet to form emotional and mental defenses against mindless adult incursions. If you cannot make your point without picking on your equals, then you aren't fit to make it.

Even those who wish to indulge in the fatuous conceit of 'fighting obesity' surely are capable of self-restraint and recognising whatever they feel the sins of adults are, children must not be kicked around in the process and should be wholly left out of anything remotely derogatory or degrading.

Surely they can manage that?

Don't make your need to release pent up desires and feelings take precedence over the those of children to reach their full potential. Or you put yourself in the same class as those who make it their business to do that.

Those who target fat children need to understand how disgusting and creepy they are, they should not need to be told that children do not exist for their use.

And the so called motivation of this;
Too often obesity condemns children to a lifetime of unhappiness, lack of self-respect, low self-esteem and health problems.

The 'obesity crisis' is rarely mooted to have started before 1979, count 'em. I think you'll find that's less than the average life expectancy, even from those who claim fat people lose ten years. Like a lot who deal in this bull, she states what she wants as if it is fact.

Jamie Oliver

Which brings me on to the subject of her useless witterings, the purported failure of the Jamie Oliver inspired revolution in school meals.

In short this consisted of ambitious plans to feed children food in the form of balanced meals, instead of industrial food waste supplied by types pally with those who stopped the original system of feeding children actual meals, in the first place. See the symbiosis if you dare.

Platell doesn't mention this.

Jamie Oliver, started off his campaign in a very well meaning way. I challenge anyone to see one of his first programmes when he spoke I thought movingly about the effect on their growing bones of the stuff we were feeding our children. Inspired by his love of Italian cuisine wondering how we in the UK could have sunk to feeding this crap to our, instead of what most other civilised countries do, feeding them with love, the best food we can, teaching them about it, transmitting a love of good food along the way.

On 'investigating' this, he came into contact with those who are most likely to be fed this crap, this seemed to ignite a virulent strain of class hatred that often goes hand in hand when it comes to obesity.

He spoke about teenage mothers who put fizzy cola in their infant's bottles, whilst that is a poignant and sad image, it is not a reason to hate and pathologize these young women. We should take it upon ourselves to know that we know better and can pass that knowledge on to them, rather than indulge ourselves in how much better we are than them.

Why not embrace them? Their minds are still flexible enough to embrace something better.

But no, once class gets involve that's tends to be the end of anything but rage against, rather than working with.

It happens time and time again this 'crusade' forces loathing out of even the most rational and humane people. What a waste.

Under enthused

Take up of school meals has dropped since the introduction of these meals.

This surprises only those who hold the public in utter contempt and don't bother to get them on board. This is very much a top down exercise where betters tell their lessers what they should be eating/ want to eat. Their innate goodness shines through, therefore, all should be well. Rather than feeding children good wholesome fare, they centered more on modish ideology on 'healthy eating', such as how to hide as many vegetables into the food as possible, rather than the usual take a balance of good fresh ingredients and create tasty dishes around them.

Suffice to say, the enthusiaism had not been as required (the ingrates). As we know, even children feel strongly about their food and what they wish to eat. I understand some feel children should eat what they're told, but I believe it is possible to achieve a good balance. We adults hold the upper hand on this, no matter what we claim.

Slim people who achieve fat status

Amanda, says;
Who can forget those tubby mums passing bags of chips through the school gates?

Well, it seems she can, they seem to be a variety of weights, none of which include particularly fat or tubby as she puts it, she just wishes it were so.

Incidentally, I remembered this and despite the numerous articles reporting the story, found it difficult to find an image of these women, if they were all fat, better still very fat, would this have been the case? We talk a lot about headless fatties, but how many times is the fact that resolutely slim people are doing things that are supposed to make them fat, withheld, obscured or erased?

Here's another fatty selling fatness to kiddies, in order to make them as fat as he is , and what about these two ? Presumably, they never get high on their own supply.

They have a kind of psychic fatness, hanging around somewhere on a parallel universe of fatness, or maybe it's like Dorian Gray, they've got a painting in the attic that's getting fatter.

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