Wednesday, 29 July 2009


The answer to the titular question is, what another one?

We are already bearing many (fat) shame taxes and it's getting tiresome.

There's an increasing social tax a self esteem tax especially on children, as well as other sundry financial losses.

When is it ever going to be enough? It reminds me of priapic dog becoming increasingly frenzied because thinks it can mate with a stone. Fat people are that stone.

According to the linked article the costs of treating obesity are soaring.

That wording always causes my brain to run on a think 'there is no treatment' Followed swiftly by a bout de souffle in my brain, whilst I try and imagine what they might be talking about.

It's because I'm used to the idea of treatment not only being therapeutic, but actually existing. Treatments for 'obesity' don't really exist.

I've said even way before FA, that dieting, is nothing. If I say to you 'eat less'. That's all there is to a weight loss diet in essence. Pffft.

It's not even homeopathy.

How much of these 'costs' are useless so called diet drugs who's primary effect seems to be malabsorption through amongst other things, diarrhoea? When actual experiments can compare the efficacy of this kind of 'drug' to the efficacy of syrup of figs, or other traditional poo inducers, I find the according of the status 'drug', to be somewhat fanciful.

Prescription drugs accounted for much of the increase

Indeed, the growing Leviathan of the crisis starts to swallow it's own tail, this is what's so scary about it, that a totally bastardized form of truth is being constructed before our eyes, and we stand by shouting, impotent, seemingly unable to stop it. How long before we can't even tell what's true and what's not?

How much is surgery to mutilate fat people's digestive systems to induce anorexia and bulimia? And the sometimes medically devastating complications of this? This sort of thing should go down as be anorexic ideation related costs, or 'air costs' as money just goes up into it.

“Reversing obesity is not going to be done successfully with individual effort.”

Yikes, it's weird when they acknowledge the truth like that, although the fact they don't mention us shows the motive may not be pure. So what action will?

They include discouraging the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, instituting smaller portion-size options in venues such as government facilities, and requiring physical education in schools.

I suppose this means that they're going to take out all those soda machines they put into the schools of the working classes, because they didn't feel the issue of the scum class worthy of direct funds to educate them. And whilst they're at it, they can trying taking out all the industrial food waste that forms part of the funding of the political process, amongst other things, because certainly the parents didn't request this to fed to their children. Although they are treated as if they had by those that either decided to put them by, or stood by when they were doing it. Where was all these obesity related quangos and charities, when they were doing this? What letters did all these professors and scientists write to the leaders of their lands telling them, in no uncertain terms not to do this? Where's their mea culpa, if they feel this is part of the cause of what they claim is a early death sentence for our future?

Dr. Frieden and Kelly Brownell, a professor at Yale University, proposed a penny-an-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, arguing that those drinks “may be the single largest driver of the obesity epidemic.”

Oh and surprise surprise, Kelly Brownell, what's with self-hating fatties such as himself? Why can't he work it out in private with Miss Whiplash or something? What's he trying to prove, and to whom?

Let me let you and others like you into a little secret.

You can never be sorry enough, to be a good fatty for them, no matter what you do. They will dump on you soon enough.

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