Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Carrying other people's errors

I once remember having a discussion with a manager at work, he was wrong. I was right. This was proven to him in front of everyone, to painful effect, on his part. I did not gloat, I was relieved to be right, for once-I always felt wrong all the time.

My supervisor, who was not much older than me having witnessed it all, told me off.  I was speechless. She told me that she knew I was right but because I was a mere trainee, I could afford to be wrong, whereas in his position, there was more at stake for him.

I couldn't quite take it in at the time. But I didn't accept it, I didn't think less of him because he was wrong and I thought she was great. 

This seems to be how a lot of people see doctors and medical professionals when it comes to the errors they're making regarding fatness.  It's not their errors that are the issue, it's their reckless disregard for doing harm to those they've decided not to like. Their abuse of their power and influence, may I say, the cheapening of their office by doing the opposite of what they're supposed to do, heal.

When it comes to obesity professionals, I simply cannot tune into futile gestures of self sacrifice, they're doing nothing to deserve it. They are not helping those who need help and they're hurting those who do not.

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