Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Obesity intelligensia, strike again

A nutritionist, that most great and wonderful addition to the list of professions, is on the hustle again this time ploughing one of the profoundest ideas to come out of the crisis-encouraging obesity.

Feel the genius

So who's in the frame? Why Dawn French, that much loved comedian, no, human being, who's appeal spans every gender, weight category, probably even species for all I know.

Apparently clinical nutritionist, Ms Mary Strugar has said she is encouraging people to accept their obesity. No, absence of their being any viable alternative, plus the inability to suspend overlook this, encourage acceptance of the reality- that you are fat.

She has become a role model for what liking yourself looks like, along with Kate Moss, another person who's recently been in trouble with the weight police. Funnily enough, the latter got into trouble for suggesting that it's good to be thin, she's thin, Dawn French suggests it's good to be fat, do you see the similarity?

People who like themselves, tend to accept themselves and/or should that be vice versa?

The only thing DF encourages is celebrating yourself as you are, and snogging people, especially (other)celebs. What exactly has her critique and her ilk added to the gaiety of nations? Apparently DF has said big is beautiful, although I don't remember her using that term nor has Ms Critical come up with one, the closest I could come to was;
“If I was alive in Rubens’ time I wouldn't have to be a comedienne for a living. I’d be celebrated as a beautiful model.

I'm afraid there is some skinny/thin shaming in there, which is not good, but it's hardly an exhortation to be fat.

Not everyone has a natural gift for it.

So what should she be doing?
' I wish she could use her profile to raise awareness of how to go about the process of change as well as giving information about the health risks associated with obesity.'

Ha, ha, you missed it! She lost weight for her wedding and found it so awful, she decided, never again. I heard this numerous times from people of all weights all through the time I was trying to lose weight, it didn't stop me for a second.I daresay it's failed to stop millions of others doing the same.

Regardless of what happens in the future, I'd really hate to see DF become an Oprah like crusader for weight loss dieting insanity.


  1. I don't know about when she got married, but I do remember reading a few articles with her saying how unfair it was that in order to adopt their daughter she had to lose about half her body weight before the authorities would let them do so.

  2. You left out the best bit from this Dawn French quote:

    “If I was alive in Rubens’ time I wouldn't have to be a comedienne for a living. I’d be celebrated as a beautiful model."

    The she added, "And Kate Moss would have been the paintbrush".

    OK, it's skinny-shaming - but it's sure funny!

  3. Sorry, I just found the bit about Kate-Moss-as-paintbrush in the link you provided.

    Oh well, I don't think that line gets enough publicity!

  4. Well I suppose it depends on how you'd view that kind of joke if directed at your body type.

    I've heard worse.