Wednesday, 23 December 2009

From the bunker

Fun and games over at BFB where we are being bothered by trolling. It's pointless because it leads nowhere and is just making it an unpleasant place to visit, though that's probably the aim.
What it has revealed, again is that certain groups like having fat people around as cannon fodder, which helps them feel they're maintaining a certain ideal of themselves. Of themselves as people who are wholly rational, basing their views on science and evidence.

As this seems to be an unrealizable ideal in general as well as in these particular terms, I can't see the point of engaging with them as it can only be on their terms. The mainstream view is their terms. I don't need to go to particular places to hear their views, they are everywhere. I can hear them anytime I want and frankly, I don't.

If that seems like hiding or ducking the issue, so be it. A long stream of endless criticism all blurs into one eventually. What difference does it make whether you are criticised for being dishonest, venal or morally bad or cowardly?

The shaming tactics aren't working any more because in order to feel ashamed, you have to feel there is something to be ashamed about. You have to feel that you've lessened yourself in the face of those who are behaving better. You can see the flaw right there. In order to feel ashamed, you have to play by the same rules, we don't so whatever judgement they rain down upon you, you have to concur with the basis of it. Again, nah-uh.

I've gotten the message, you think, me bad.


If you can't tell me anything new, I'm not interested in the same old same old.

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