Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The anorexia weight cure

I found reports about a boy called Matthew Hosker show just how shrill people feel the need to be when it comes to fatness, even when it comes to children. He is unusually big for his age (12) 24 stones which is about 336 pounds.

We don't know his height though, which I'm sure isn't average either.
His doctors say he'll be dead from a heart attack in five years
The usual instinct is to protect them from or prevent panic. To calm and soothe them. To tell them whilst there's a problem, all will be well, they're going to make it etc., The lack of respect for fat children appals. Even if there is a problem here, these kinds of easy death threats are not necessary. What's wrong with saying, in the interests of your present and future health, we need to stem your weight?

Would it kill them to restrain themselves that much?

It feels so much like an expression of the sheer impotence of the useless irrelevancy that is weight loss dieting.

Speaking of that, he's off to Rhodes Farm. For those of you that don't know, this is a residential facility run by a woman called Dr. Dee Dawson. It specialises in getting anorexics to eat their dinner.

I once watched an excruciating documentary, where they went into great detail about the lengths they 'had' to go to, due to the lengths anorexics would go to, not to eat. And to hide evidence of weight loss or lack of gain.

It was all about weight gain, that's all that seemed to matter. I couldn't help feeling sorry for the inmates as they were made to do the very thing they felt least able to. I couldn't help almost screaming, there has got to be a better way than this.

Adjusting their appetite so that that led to instinctive re-feeding, might have been an option if we weren't stuck with this useless calories in/out model of biology.

Anyway, Rhodes Farm is branching out;
Matt will be the biggest child she’s [Dawson] ever treated in over fifteen years of interventions.....he’ll be living cheek-by-jowl with dozens of young anorexics, offering him a totally different perspective on body image issues and food obsessions.
 Leave it to the experts. 

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