Saturday, 19 December 2009

If there was a magic pill.....

To those who keep asking "What would you do if there was a magic pill which made you slim?"

If there was a magic pill, you'd have nothing to moralize about. Morality is about right and wrong, not what scientists do and don't have a pill for. If there was a pill would you go jogging purely to maintain your weight? Would you still maintain the pretence that exercise is virtuous?

Would you try going hungry to maintain your weight and claim that it made you a better person? If there was a pill, what would slimness mean, what virtue would it have? That's right, none. That means you'd have to find the self respect you've gained from the virtue of thin, elsewhere, where would you find it?

Who would you knock over to get it this time?

If there was "magic", everyone would be after it, no matter how thin.

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