Tuesday, 8 December 2009

We're all built to leave well alone

The view amongst a lot of fat people with regards to their fatness and the fattening of society is we are just fat, don't go there. I'm more curious about how our times affect us and what this tells us about ourselves as beings, as well as our times for that matter.

So I can't agree. But that feeling of leave well alone is no different than we have toward so many other things that affect us. We have chemical imbalances, we take need to take medicine for it, leave it at that.

I'm not and never have been convinced that will work or that it's even a good idea or necessary to achieve what it is supposed to, the allaying of stigma. That is a must, stigma adds to distress and gets in the way of cure and restoration.

It's something to do with not wanting to examine effects, in case we have to search for the cause which is likely to lead to deeply unpleasant memories and experiences. We are so primed to avoid this that it is often the major obstacle to dealing with our unresolved angst.

We might have to change deeply entrenched habits, ones that we see as integral to our sense of self. Or our position or role in the family.  We're okay, let's stick with what we've got, it's not perfect, but we can live with it.

We're loathe to dig or pry into ourselves, it hurts.

This view is often validated by the establishment. They're definitely attracted to the idea of a pill for our every ill. It gives them the power and a sense of omnipotence.

Pretending this impulse is unique to fat people-which then pathologizes it- is part of the tangle of underlying themes in fat hate.

We then become the incubators of these sorts of thoughts and feelings society fears and doesn't want to deal with. Yet cannot satisfactorily suppress and disengage from.

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