Friday, 2 April 2010

Energy transfer

Jennifer Hudson credits points for her slimmed self.

Her case may well illustrate the theory that as you rise in class, you tend to slim.

It's funny, but it might be that when your biggest dreams start to come true, you are suddenly able to tolerate the unpleasantness of our current weight loss ideology.

Wow, it's almost as if pleasure, satisfaction, excitement, fulfillment, freedom, progress etc affects your whole body, (including your metabolism in some way). Who'd have thought this would cause your whole self to respond differently, almost as if you had a physiological construction to before.

The change in class, income, etc but maybe more importantly, the fact that she's doing what she wants to do with her life has probably changed Ms Hudson has physiology more than someone who's body goes from fat to thin(ner). Maybe that was the real "weight loss" here, psychically speaking.

That would mean that to "fight obesity" it would be society's duty to make all fat people's dearest wishes come true. Whether it's making sure they make the fullest use of their intellects, physical prowess, artistic and other talents. I mean, everyone is desperate to end obesiness, so it must be done.

Expect the campaign to start any time soon.

And the great thing is, it can't really fail. If you still remain fat (naughty), hey, your dearest wishes are being aided and abetted by a society that wishes you the best. Too bad if your thin though, for the record, I think you should be included too.

That's an anti obesity campaign I could actually compromise with.

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