Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fat canaries

Mining is a difficult and dangerous job. One hazard is it can be hard to tell if there's a lethal build up of gas up ahead, until you get there, and expire!

To get round this they at one time used canaries, sending them ahead to sniff things out so to speak. If they came back alive, it was safe, if not. Not.

One of the things noted by fat people, is the way we're a group that is being singled out. At times, this leads some fatties to mistake this for, "everyone else is better off". Not so. But they are referring to something that is there.
The reason why it is rarely articulated outwardly is that, still feeling battered and bruised, sometimes deeply by having been taught to loath and despise ourselves, whilst our minds were taking shape. We just cannot believe that people can possibly do anything close to look up to us in some ways.

I grant you, as I'm writing this, I'm feel kind of strange, and yet I know it to be true, by listening and trying to hear what's being said, to, or rather at us. Like it or not, there is a sense that we can take this, that we can cope, with having to face up to things others shrink from.

There's a recognition-whether indirectly or by default, that we are surprisingly and frankly not a little bit mysteriously robust. We are told that people would rather endure the fire of hades than be fat, and yet here we are, not exactly throwing ourselves out of windows.

No matter how fiercely that is denied when posed directly. The implication is, we are taking and putting up with, what others tell us they cannot take. Even the thought that some might be fat, rather than actually are, is enough to make some, especially young ones, feel suicidal.

Well, I have to say, even when I was in the depths of despair about my weight during my later childhood and youth. I never once even considered committing suicide because of it. That's one thing I could acknowledge even then, the fact that I was actually fat disproved the idea that it was a fate worse than death.

I realized then, that sometimes the terror of anticipation of an "awful event", is worse than the reality of it.  They single us out for a lot of things. Responsibility for our state of health, control of our emotions and moods. They want us to go forth first and see if it kills us before venturing their selves, maybe. Whilst they continue to suffer misfortune and unfortunate events.

We can live with it, we always have.

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