Sunday, 25 April 2010

If your body can use it: It's food

Well said Michelle and I quote;


Why does the widespread idiocy of the day make common sense sound so damn radical? Mind you as someone in the comments indicated, not all food does qualify as food, such is the requirement of the diet mentality for low/no calorie stuff. You'd have a hard time saying if some of that counted as food or not.

I've heard of junk food, unhealthy bad food, I've heard of "cleaning up my diet" and my all time fave;

Non nutritional food.

Yep, that would be "food" that is not food at all. Like fibre, which is highly recommended by some smeckperts for a healthy digestion. Not for IBS though apparently, it irritates the gut, oops!

What I've never understood about the strain of thinking that says- let's pretend that stuff with lots of sugar/fat etc is superbadness- is how that is going to help people be more conscious of what they are ingesting? As that is one of their big themes.

Take the other day, at lunch. I didn't fancy any solid food, I couldn't be fussed so I just got a lemonade.

That to me was a "liquid lunch", OK, because it's got sugar in it, which can be converted into energy by the body. Rather than thinking of it as empty calories, which feels like a dismissive attitude, it's worth respecting drinks in general of all kinds, one's with added sugar included as liquid food.

Although in the past under the thrall of bad/good foods to some extent, although without the hating baggage. I've come to find the whole "junk" food strain to be hateful as it is invidious.

If you eat those foods, stop hating them and disrespecting yourself and your body, if you don't eat them, mind your own beeswax. Or better still, spend a week hating the food you eat and see if it makes any difference to the way you feel.

In the past people used to say grace and a study once investigated this and found that even a secular "prayer" of thanks to the earth and the universe that brought the food, the skill and care of the cook (or even the cleverness of the manufacturing process), could make a positive impact on our digestion, improving it's function.

Either way, imagine doing that before everything you ate, clearing your mind and taking a few seconds to acknowledge that this is something you are going to put into your body and you are thankful to be able to do that, especially as so many do not have that same freedom.

So when people talk about how spoilt, greedy and fat we are, I think of how ungrateful they are and how stupid and wasteful it is, to lessen the amount of pleasure you can get from food by turning your mind into an obstacle against it.

No wonder some people go so full on with "intuitive eating", trying to remove all conscious input from eating. When the mind has cumulatively become a toxic dump for food and body hating, when it's ability to aid you positively has been so totally derailed, the only thing you want to do is switch off that noise.

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