Monday, 26 April 2010

The full truth about dieting is what's needed, nothing more

Reading fatuosity's post about this brought me back to reading her previous post about it. I've no interest in insisting people shouldn't diet. I personally dislike the principle of dieting, whether up or down. It creeps me out when people set a standard of acceptability based on a number. It often keeps going down/up as the person approaches their goal and the feelings of satisfaction have not quite materialized. It too easily becomes an ever moving intangible association in their mind.

I do think it's a shame when people get caught in that trap when control slips beyond their reach.

That doesn't mean I'm going to try and stop or advocate for sanctions against those who participate in either. It's of course their right, but it's also my right to know what I know, whether that is understood by those critical of this, or not.

Saying you're against nothing is unconvincing. We are all against some things that is part of what makes us feel and know who we are. It's as blanket a statement as being against everything and tends to lead to a similar place, just via a different route.

Not being entirely sure what you're against is probably a good thing to recognize. But it won't save you from the fact that you stand for some things and not for others.

I'm not against weight loss- that is not the same as dieting, it is a (supposed) form of it, not the whole of it as we've been taught. Weight loss and gain and loss etc., is a necessary part of our body's conversion of intake into energy. I'm not against idea of wanting to be fat or fatter, thin or thinner, it's none of my business.

However I am against things that harm the body when they don't need to. Body building, tattoos don't. Nor do those lead people to resent, hate and loathe those who do not body build or have tattoos. There wouldn't be a non-body modification crisis because it doesn't engender those feelings.

Weight loss dieting and gaining I believe often does. It unbalances body and mind, the latter is something that is totally over many people's heads and they're not about to hear it from those they consider to have other motivations for their objection.

Dieting is harmful and that harm is underrated. If it wasn't, I'd probably care even less about it, as people would be fully informed of what they wanted to do and that's really all that's necessary.

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