Friday, 23 April 2010

Setting the terms

It's odd when people refer to fat acceptance as if it's a set monolith with all sorts of defined factions; such as radicals, centrists, mavericks etc., Although it's been around in some incarnation for 40 years, it's still a voyage of discovery. Maybe that's what fools others, maybe because they're always looking at labels rather than inside for self definition.

It's supposed to be a monolith by now, it's supposed to have factions. It maybe had something like that in the past. Seems more that it has had incarnations which repeat the same themes over and over again. After people get fed up of behaving as if weight loss dieting is going to make them slim.

One of the things that makes it hard to grapple with is that the obesity crusade has set the terms of debate and we've allowed that and continue to allow it. The reasons are, fat people as a group are not radical. They are more, generalization alert, conservative than that. Conservative through repression, but more than anything, a history of identity annihilating obedience to authority.

It makes me laugh when people claim fat people are addicts. Hell no! Addicts have more of a sense of self than that and won't sell the central heart of themselves out in the way fat people have learned to. In fact, so unprecedented is this for any addictive behaviour to be accompanied by such a desire to self immolate, to the extent of fat people, that I'd posit that as a potential coup de grace when it comes to finishing off such an absurd reference to addiction.

 If there's anyone fat people call to mind its the permanently overly anxious types, inevitable when you are programmed from childhood to collude in your own betrayal. That crucial childhood window of opportunity for a mind warp is why Michelle Obama et al pick on children. They know a word or two here can last a lifetime. Unless you're lucky enough to burn-out. Train them young before they've developed any self defenses and they'll do your propaganda work for you.

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