Saturday, 24 April 2010

What is indolence?

So why pick indolence over laziness? Fat people are called greedy and lazy. I've stuck with greed, so why switch to indolent?

They both essentially mean the same thing "disinclination toward effort of any kind, but more specifically, physical".

The difference, if any is in the shading, I suppose indolence feels like it refers to a state of being, the end product of laziness. Whereas laziness is more about reluctance, rather than a habit of being so.

But I tend to use them interchangeably. Maybe I'm just really bored with the word lazy and it's overuse in a specific capacity has made it too loaded to express oneself freely.

And that is needed. One of the things we are told about being fat is that it makes you less intelligent. Looking over the 'sphere one can see that cannot really be seen as a general rule, however, in my own case, I do feel that being fat, or more specifically, being an obese person in the way I'm supposed to be, has compromised my the development of my intellect, palpably.

I'm cannot claim to be definite on that, I must leave the window of possibility that I was always meant to start off bright and dim into dimtwittery. However the level and sharpness of the latter, and the fact that one of the things that has been building up during my dim days like canned heat, is the desire to think.

Because one thing the crisis dogma is designed to do above all, is to stop all of that excess. If you try, you're always being told, "your making it too complicated", or what I call the tyranny of "just" comes out. "It's just this, or it's just that" and that is the height of all rationale, any thing else is overthinking. Stop all thought here, (x marks the spot) the world is flat and that my friend is that.


And not degenerate, at all, it only looks regressive, really, it's no nonsense wisdom, cutting through the decadent and fetid air of thinking about stuff and trying to draw as much wisdom from the knowledge you have, in order to inform you of new directions.... New directions..... PAH!!! Haven't we got enough directions already? Haven't we got more than we can possibly handle?!

I'm digressing, I find indolence interesting apart from the obvious reason, because I've never been convinced that of it as a character flaw, always loud and clear it has seen to be a comment. The number one thing that comes to mind is, protest.

As I've learned, I feel that we end up in indolence because we hold fast to beliefs that lead us there, without trying to be cute, laziness to describe, laziness has always felt, well, lazy.

Sorry, but it's true.

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