Thursday, 15 July 2010

Being a tool lowers mental capacity

Over at BfB MReap brought up this old chestnut. I have to be honest, I do feel personally that being fat or should I say, being locked into playing the obese personae at one point beggared whatever intelligence I possess.

There have been years of my life where I felt there was a hole my mind kept falling into. Frankly, I doubt this is intrinsic to fatness per se. As far as I know-there could conceivably that for some of us the breech opened by some metabolic blip or other. But I'd say it's more likely to be the role play. The ignoring yourself that does it. It's so stupid. To be obese is to be situationally speaking, a raving idiot. Wiki's definition;
An idiot, dolt, or dullard is a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way.
Could anyone better summarize a fat person's enforced default
You have to disconnect from your real body and pretend it is temporary.

You must ignore your feelings, actions and reactions.

You must repeatedly overlook what happens when you perform certain actions, i.e. calorie restriction and in the face of it, behave as if that somehow hasn't happened. And something else is supposed to instead. So you're stuck performing the act of not learning, just like an idiot, often during our formative years

Then there's the emotional component.

You are forced to perceive your body's protest as the sin within.

To discount any distress, disgust or hurt, in conjunction with being bullied, told off or mis-used due to the obese persona.

You are told you are stupid, because you are fat.

You feel stupid, because eat less do more is so simple. 

This is exactly what being obese is all about, that's why it's best taught to children as we know with the popularity of 'won't somebody think of the children' line much beloved of anti-obesity adherents everywhere.

As an aside, I don't believe in "stupid/ity" as such. Either your brain is formed in such a way as to not perform above a certain level, in which case, that's your best. Or something is getting in the way, or derailing your intelligence. Usually layers of negative programming from many direction. In that case, that is the problem not your brain.

Many people who are socially disadvantaged are effectively told to be stupid, or stupider or not to think. Or it's made dispiritingly pointless or painful for them to do so. Awareness of all that is going on. 

I'm constantly mentioning I knew this or that years ago, as a child, yaddy yah, mainly because there is this great raft of mental stagnancy as being "obese" really took it's toll on my mental and also physical function.

If thinness is to be privileged, which is really what a lot of this is all about, in order to make fat people seem stupid enough to make slimmer people look more intelligent. We have to be taught to play dumb, in the method acting sense. Sorry slim people, as I said before, the contempt shown for fat people in all this, is the contempt shown for all of us.

This also serves as another beloved notion, "incentive" because the reason you're fat is lack of sufficient incentive as we all 'know'. Fat people are in the position of an idiot, because we have to constantly defer to those who know less about our state that we do. We also have to play, cannot think for yourself and this is the crux, have to constantly refer to others instructions.  As if they knew something about not being fat by virtue of not being fat. Results suggest, they do not.

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