Monday, 12 July 2010

Smoking fat stand-off

Thanks to living400 for a link to a gratifyingly amusing article. It sheds some light on exactly why the toxic pile that is the obesity crisis is increasingly going to bite other people on the arse. Basically in it the quietly admirable Gina Kolata looks at the entirely predictable way in which obesity hype cannot cash the cheque its been allowed to write.

Many in FA, have predicted already that there is no way that hyping fatness over smoking as a health risk is not going to impact on anti smoking. If the crisis didn't make people so brain dead, or if they actually tried engaging honestly with us, they would have noticed the threat themselves. But no, they've just blundered right into that one!

So much for the endless lectures we receive about our inability to face reality, or consider consequence ha, ha! I'm sorry, but when people were talking about how fatness is worse than smoking, takes more years off your life etc., Did anyone really think they were going to just grow money to throw at their obesity boondoggles?

You think the obesity crisis creates money out of nothing? My, are people out of it! What's even stranger about all this is the fact that smoking is correlated with weighing less. So there's an even greater irony of symbiosis. Fatness is going to continue to bump up against little empires and citadels and whilst I wish no-one any harm, the prospect of this could get interesting.

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