Saturday, 10 July 2010

Cargo cult fatties

Cargo cult fatties are those fat people who believe weight loss through calorie restriction can be widely replicated-or even that it is desirable that it should be. And this can be increased by studying those who are "successful" at weight loss dieting. To zero in on the "secret" of it all.

You cannot zero in on failure, except to identify the why of it.

The conviction that consciously tracking and making a record of calories is the decisive factor in reducing weight, is like saying the decisive factor in being less sexually active is recording every sexual partner and all the things you get up to with them. Whether you could be judged promiscuous or not.

Either you shag/eat less or you don't. If writing it down makes any real difference then that would pose the act of writing as having a unforeseen effect on agency.

In my case, the times I tried it in the past, my efforts where to no little end.  In earlier times, it just added an even greater sense of shame and failure.

Latterly, I was surprised at how my eating had declined to such a large degree, without what  I assumed would be commensurate weight loss.

Conscious knowledge of the specific number of calories does not regulate weight. The body does that itself without our conscious input. Your body isn't made to trust your conscious mind to regulate its calorie intake. It seems to know the inadequacies of that, better than the (shhhhh) mind your reading this with.

Rather like those who think they can control others by keeping an inventory of everything that person does, in or out of their aegis. The possessive type. Often they drive the object of their attentions away. So to is often the case with close calorie monitoring. Control of one's appetite and hunger become ever more fractured and elusive.

The why not just eat less when directed at fat people is brutish, but it is a question that should be posed to weight loss diet advocates, why all the fuss?

They can never seem to answer that one. If the deliberate choice to eat makes them put on weight, why didn't they just choose to stop eating once they discovered weight accruing? That's your rationale for your own size, so explain.

Probably can't because nobody just wholly decides, nor has total control or directly stop weight gain in the first place, or they would. They wouldn't just wait and then suddenly decide, time to go into reverse.

Like myself, I'm not 300lbs due to not putting on enough weight to weigh 300lbs. It's not conscious teeth gritting control. As we speak, I'm doing absolutely nothing, not to be 300. I'm guessing that my metabolism's doing that as efficiently as its designed to.

People like to believe a whole lot of dung about what they think they are controlling, when in fact they have diddly squat to do with it except to create a narrative they can crowbar the actions of their body into afterwards.

It makes us all happy to contrive to see our absurd flapping about in the general directions of things as control over our lives.  But we need to learn when our assumptions are beyond the true extent of our will. Do not underestmiate what the illusion of control in lieu of actual control means-anorexics and others cannot let go of this can end up dying as a result. It can become deep and pathological grip.

It makes them furious if you suggest they are not the dominant factor in all this. Don't anybody mention they don't create their own heart or its beating or any of their other organs.

Another issue with weight loss diet adherents, apart from their obvious refusal to accept reality of failure. Is their moving goal posts. They start a sentence by saying fat people can become and remain thin, using WLD's, by the end that same sentence that has become fat people can lose any amount of weight for any amount of time, however small and that 'proves'  their proposition.

If a person loses 5lbs for say, 15days etc., that is conclusive proof that someone who's 350lbs can become 150, or even that someone who's 150lbs won't have to keep trying to lose the same 10 pounds for the rest of their days-or until their metabolism no longer can repeat that manoeuvre.

Mind you, it doesn't help that fat acceptance can't tell the difference between weight loss and WLD, that is pathetic, however, it is still clear diets haven't worked.

These are people who like to act as if fat people have never dieted before or rarely. Somehow we are incapable of perceiving precisely what a weight loss diet is without reading about it, endlessly from "scientists".

Their belief that one can study weight loss diets for a deeper depth of understanding of more than say how our body does and doesn't function, shows it is they who don't understand what a WLD is or how it affects the body. If they did, they'd understand that WLD has no active ingredient beyond lack of calories, therefore all that is being studied is the belief that permanent fight with the body's defence of itself. 

The recognition of  this is not "giving up" or "defeatist". It is hope for a better understanding of how we function. Which could bring the answers they desire in ways that aren't aggressive, costly and futile.

It's a shame that so many have come to think they're just not worth that. 

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