Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Try, try again; then stop making an arse of yourself

It's sometimes hard not to pause in nothing short of fury on seeing the low standards those we are supposed to hold in high esteem set themselves. I find myself wondering why it doesn't make me feel any better about my own failings.

Take for instance this.

Upshot, gastric banding surgery doesn't work.

Someone get a witness.

Sweet mercy, this is supposed to be worth saying? Because there was some possible doubt that cutting people into an eating disorder would work out better than have them just ape one? That towering scientific principle that the locus of weight control is the belly?

"So" ask the innocents "How is it possible to have predicted what seems to be a new and surprising development in obesity scholarship?"

I'll enlighten you dear ones, because it is based on the same bankrupt premise that has already failed in the guise of weight loss dieting.

Inspired by the increasingly psychotic and obsessively one track thinking that eating just has to be the key to fatness-because fat phobes just can't let go of fetishing, what fat people eat because and until they let go, no body can move on and the organs that manage eating must be attacked as the more sophisticated progression after "peer pressure" has failed to filter fatness out of existence.

They continue to find ways to attack fat bodies with the frenzy of someone who just wants the fat body to listen and do what they want it to do most importantly of all, the way they want it to be done.

If they confuse it, shock it, violate it, discomfort it, encroach upon it, squeeze it might get the message to stop advancing, it's plan for world domination and to squash thinnies under it's fat cloven hooves, will be thwarted and they no longer have to live in fear of their numbers thinning out. (Oh yes).

If you can break the will of fat people, maybe that will break their fatness, if not, break up their organs. Either way, break something.

If you just keep cutting, shocking, brutalising and hurting, you might just tear through it's ability to remake itself fat. You will make it hear you, obey you. It's demoralising the way it just won't do what it's supposed to, as if to mock, making the powerful appear impotent their tools and ideas crude and hapless. The desire to appear omnipotent turned into a sham.

It can't be because they are wrong, it must be deliberate obstruction on the part of fat people and bodies.

It torments and will be tormented in return.

The message must be got through because when it does, we will get what we want.

Attacking the digestive organs of fatties based on the deeply medical and healing principle that;

Fat people have got it coming.

Yeah, if it was too painful to be fat, you'd just be forced to become thin. Suffice to say, wrong again, and so dimwittedly wrong, you can't even manage to be wrong with a new idea. You just want to keep being wrong with the same underlying bad principle.

How can any of this be a surprise to anyone who knows anything about weight loss? What exactly is going on in their brains? Some of those who study fat people like to check out fat people's brain's and compare them to cocaine users etc., it's about time someone took a scan of the brains that think that calorie restriction is a viable option and compared them to the most fundamentalist religionists and possibly those who are no longer in full contact with reality.

There is nothing surprising, whatsoever about the failure of banding the stomach, nothing whatsoever.

It is entirely predictable:

That if you starve people, they will be malnourished.

The stomach doesn't set your weight.

The stomach can stretch.

Starvation deprives the brain of enough fuel to facilitate depression/ mental issues.

And so on.

The only possible variable I can think of is the element of shock and distress to the body and how much weight loss this may permit through the high energy requirements of healing and trauma etc., But oh no, medical ethics-the desire to improve procedures and make them less traumatic-and the increased skill experience can bring works against even that!

That's how knucklehead this is, medical ethics and increased skill actually contributes even more to it's failure even though it's already a dud.

It is the startlingly abject refusal to believe that manipulating calories, really isn't the ticket to making fat people thin-and that is not the universe playing peak a boo, it really is like that. Hoping it's not happening and it's going to somehow change if you just keep testing it out is making creation science look better.

Not to speak of the arrogance of cutting up organs central to people's survival, because you just don't feel able to let go of a favoured guess.

They just act like a group of people who've sustained head trauma in a motorway pile up and manage to emerge wandering around in deep shock repeating, "this isn't happening, this isn't happening".

Well people, it is.

And you really, really need to get over it and move on.


  1. Unfortunately, they aren't going to get over it and move on. They've been mutilating peoples' digestive systems for over 40 years now, with a startling lack of success, and it hasn't managed to penetrate their thick skulls that it just doesn't work (however, it does make for fewer fat people in the long run because it tends to kill anywhere from 2 to 20% of fat people who have this mutilation done to them). Doesn't make them thin, just makes them dead (and out of sight, which is all they really want anyway, not to have to see fat people).
    This kind of crap is not going to end until fat people can say "I don't deserve to be mutilated in order to meet someone's skewed ideal of beauty, I'm fine just the way I am." But most of them can't even say no to dieting, let alone say no to WLS. It's that Fantasy of Being Thin that has its hooks into them, along with all the fat hatred spewed at them on a daily basis (and I don't count myself as one of the fat people in that bunch anymore because I've reached the point where I don't really care what anyone has to say about my size or how I look. If they don't like the way I look, don't look).

  2. until fat people can say "I don't deserve to be mutilated in order to meet someone's skewed ideal of beauty, I'm fine just the way I am."

    Amen to that sentiment. But in the meantime I'd settle for 'I'm desperate to be less fat, for whatever reason/s, but there is absolutely no doubt that this operation is a bullshit disgrace created by fatphobia and we deserve better.'

    It's not just the preparedness of fat people to put ourselves up for this-that's understandable given the context-it's our preparedness to think that means we have to sell ourselves out all the way and become poster children for it.

    We actually don't, if we can't reject it, we can at least be totally clear headed and honest about what it is and why it exists.