Thursday, 15 July 2010

I don't believe in stupid

This post started off as an aside that just went on and on, which is why I often struggle to finish any post I start. So I decided to finish it here. I don't believe in the idea that people are intrinsically stupid. That they have a normally functioning brain, but it just doesn't function because of an intrinsic dysfunction that would make it a cause and not simply some kind of decision.

I think that kind of sums it up! I believe we can definitely become stupid, operate below our natural intelligence in certain areas and remain that way, if the conditions that produce that stupidity remain. But that our brain is functional and somehow dysfunctional, no. So 'stupidity' is adjustable, or its not that, its some kind of dysfunction or just the level you're at. And how can you be blamed for that?

At times what has been called stupidity, has seemed to be about an effect of trauma or emotional blocks. Bad programming, such as accusations or assertions that undermine your intelligence, from those you respect-which then carries the validating effects of your faith in them.  

Even those born with parts of their brain missing,  can function as well as anyone or better. I don't really see why you should be stupid in the way we construct it without a reason and that can be as much emotional as much as anything else.

Some prefer the belief that certain races and genders are less intelligent than those who create  IQ tests they fancy have no cultural or self favouring biases.

If they really had such extra intelligence they'd realise how credulous that was. 

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