Thursday, 29 July 2010

FA is my HAES

That's right, self acceptance is my HAES. Health is uncovered not pursued. Not outside, layers within. When I located health outside myself, through others I became alienated from my centre. To accept oneself is to accept health. To reject oneself is to reject health.

What is pleasure? Is it partly a desire for well being and that's the basis for health. Health is a consideration in some way in everything we do. Without being fully aware of this. It overlaps with the desire for enjoyment and that which is pleasing to us.

It is an inner need, not an outer one. We do not need to be told to be healthy. We need to reject that which makes us unhealthy. Including those who seek to manipulate our deep unyielding desire for wellness, for their own ends.

That's for the sake of their health in some way. The need to see their own ideas reflected everywhere they look, to reassure them, to make them feel safe and validated. Isn't that about their health, even when it's at the expense of others? Isn't that their personal philosophy, that others must be sacrificed, if they're to be okay?

To reject pleasure/enjoyment is to reject health and healing. Self defeating hedonism is the chasing of that refused pleasure-it is displacement, not motivated by some unseen monster that is "pure greed" there is none. There's only needs we are attempting to fulfil, sometimes the wrong way. The need is not satisfied and grows ever more frustrated and unrequited. Until we are exhausted.

It's the need to make good that loss that they often call, addiction, that leads to the real form of it. To embrace oneself is to embrace health. To reject self is to reject health, to hate oneself is to hate health.

Hate creates displeasure, loss, a loss will be felt, that loss will be mourned, that loss will be chased. To hate is to wound, to love is to heal. Hate is not health. Spite is not health giving. To create either is to create displeasure, is to ultimately create ill health. Hate for its own sake cannot come out of health. Only righteous hate can be the beginning of healing.

Movement is to the body what thought is to the brain. I want to think with the whole of me, together and in turn, mind and body, body and mind. I choose to move my mind and my body. I don't accept those who tell me, my body is wrong or bad, it is incomparable.

Allow me to serve my health, in the way that makes sense to me. I move me-I move myself, myself moves me. I don't exercise, starting at exercise is meaningless to me. Your way of health may not be my way of health and vice versa................

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