Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Drill yourself slim

Deep brain stimulation-how ironic, it's precisely the lack of engagement of the brain which leads a person to the conclusion this could be a good idea. Ho hum.
inserting electrodes into the brain to deliver tiny bursts of electricity to alter the patient's behaviour.
This method has been used for Parkinson's disease. Now that is a real disease, a serious degenerative nerve disorder. So it would be extraordinary if this method can reduce or stop tremours yet not affect fatness.

A surgery featuring this approach was performed by Dr. Donald Whiting he says something that epitomizes what should be in the forefront of anyone's mind;
Whiting admits it is a drastic procedure - 'but obesity is a drastic problem'.
Nothing sums up better the close relationship between the hype of extinction for encouraging people to overcome their sense of self preservation, permitting these kinds of assaults on themselves. Providing a justification for their extent of desperation to lose weight which it might otherwise make more sense to contain, in the process. There's a whiff of corruption about it, a mis-use of their power of influence.

In spite of the drastic nature of drilling a hole in your skull to access and stick electrodes your brain matter, I'm still prepared to bet against it being of any use, the past should provide lessons for us all. I simply do not believe there is anything wrong with fat people's brains and certainly nothing that couldn't be altered without the need for such drastic action. It's like a way of getting human animal testing under the cover of writing off fat people's lives.

According to David Ashton "a leading obesity expert" there is a risk of stroke from this approach. Something fatness is supposed to increase the risk of.

Because being fat has been labelled disease/pathology, observation of difference in brain function is assumes "cause of disease" and therefore becomes a pathology in itself whether it is or not, merely because it is found in fat people. It could just be evidence of the underlying change/difference that permits fatness in the first place, once it is triggered.

That may sound like cause, but what I'm saying is that it could be part of the overall process allowing the body to fatten, like increased blood vessels which supply extra fat and muscle tissue, or on a more surface level stretch marks.

I always have a problem with the fixation on cranking up the metabolism when it comes to fatness via the nervous system full stop. Now they're onto the brain people should be very wary given the history of high brutality for low rewards from the guess work that has marked the history of "weight loss interventions".

Up till now, this crude aggression has just seemed to wreak destruction on other parts of the body, organs, usually the very ones implicated as being "obesity related", liver, heart, kidneys etc.,

This suggests to me that fat people's systems aren't sluggish as presumed, just like the fat cell before it was discovered to be one of the most active cells in the body.

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