Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Managing absurdity

Absurdist story from Australia, apparently they are going to 'regulate' the diet industry. Good luck with that because regulation would probably mean non-existence. Seriously how are you going to regulate something that doesn't work?

The impulse for this is that someone noticed fat people are continuing to exist even in sunny Oz famed for its sporty outdoorsy lifestyle-I hear some Aussies cracking up, but I'm only relaying your image from the outside.

Anyhow, some have decided that lack of regulation is the cause of this lack of intervention, they wish! They'd love to be in control of our weight, but failing that, they've just decided to be in control of themselves which is why they have not be shut down.

I notice the tiresome dietetic ( or whatever) profession are sticking their tiresome useless oar in claiming yes, commercial diets should be assessed oh really, what has the increase in dieticians done? Considering the claims that they have acquired weight mastery through their "discipline"?

Since their ascendancy was largely off the back of fat people, spreading their ugly fat hate to all and sundry, they've not been called either. I'm not surprised they want everyone to overlook that and focus on the more unpopular weight loss diet industry.

How politique.

Really, this is all about regulating the impression that things are under control.

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