Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Insulting yourself at once remove

You can go your whole lifetime not particularly downgrading or impugning your self respect and still end up with it compromised. By insulting yourself at once remove, that is, by the way you describe others and how that ends up reflecting on yourself.

Some martial theorist or other has said that one should never put down ones enemy too much, or one lessens the victory? See, even when you trounce someone, you can end up a loser if you make them  nothing, because that makes you very close to nothing yourself. Only when it is you equal or better can you say you've achieved something to be proud of.

Self acceptance is not the same as saying that everything is tickety boo and it is no improvement is possible. It's recognising that degrading your self respect is a false equation. And the truth of every person's need to be on their own side, not in a way that allows for no fault, but neither one that allows no room for virtue.

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