Thursday, 20 August 2009


One of the more mystifying things about the whole obesity debacle is how self appointed, barely qualified 'nutritionists' get away with spreading eating related mayhem, seemingly scot free.

I'm not talking about the medically qualified ones-dieticians-who we hear all too rarely from. I mean the ones who turn up in the media, showing the world how to hate fat people and advancing themselves and their influence off the back of that.

Positioning themselves between fat people and the rest of the public; obliquely suggesting us, i.e. fat is how you'll end up, if you do not use our services, is how they've advanced themselves from a laughing stock to their exalted position of being able to insult and order people around, without being told to take a running jump.

We used to think anorexia was a strange eating disorder affecting mainly young girls. A whole generation of nutritionists helped to teach us, that is what fat people and others should aspire to practice in order to avoid the hellish fate of becoming fat scum.

I know people will say, I've seen a nutritionist and found it useful. I don't doubt this. I myself have been useful to numerous people I've never met before and probably won't again. At bus stops for example; giving everything from recipes to advice and directions etc, usefulness is not difficult.

Truth is, alternative/complementary practitioners are often felt to be helpful, they listen. Often that's the greatest thing anyone can do. It makes a person feel special.  Concern for our welfare is dispensed with a practiced flow. Such a relief after silence, indifference, even outright hostility to one's plight.

If there's hope of solutions, even better. A direction out of confusion and not knowing what to do can be medicine. I don't underestimate the value of that, however it could be provided by any practioner or counsellor and I'm not sure it makes up for their mischief.

Part of which I believe is the increasing spread of disordered eating as the norm. They've legitimized flirting with anorexic attitudes and behaviours over the last couple of decades of their growing influence. As much as the fashion industry, including models.

They could have been a corrective to counter the too unchecked food industry and its determination to feed us anything it can inject with with flavour and paint with 'colourings', fortified no doubt with vitamins not present in whatever base materials it is using.

Instead we are stuck with way too many underqualified fanatics some of whom are parlaying a failed attempt at an eating disorder-often anroexia-into a career. Often full of bitterness about what they see as their failure to achieve the desired holy state, and boy do they hate loathe and detest fatties.

We in some way represent this failure and somehow in their mind, are or represent the reasons for it. Fat people are their failure, their inner fatty come to life and they hate our guts with an intensity that was not the default before they came on the scene and showed the way.

Now everyone's in a perma strop with fat people. 

There has always been bullying of fat people, no doubt some of it unpleasant, but this raging intense fury of justified loathing would have been challenged, before. They've passed their own disordered mentality-be terrified of food, sugar is poison, fat is toxic, panic all the time, about all food that isn't a high water vegetable etc., Their eating and exercise habits make them very hatefuelled and angry.

When others do the same, they get exactly like them and that is what we are surrounded by. Lots of irritable, hungry people who are gunning for your fat arse because its somehow your fault in their vacuous minds.

Don't even think to mention they've made their own choice, continence is not their strong point. Some of them are some of the stupidest people you'll have the misfortune to encounter, with the vicious meanness of stupidity. Nutritionetics or whatever they call the subject they profess to study, could actually become a real intellectual discipline, an opportunity for women to make headway in a field they have congregated.

Instead, they've displayed why the suppression of the female intellect is sometimes not felt as any great loss, even to many women. 
 o regain a true sense of what normal eating is.

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