Friday, 7 August 2009

Feminism is not evil

Never has been and if it keeps to the truth of itself, never will be. Stumbled upon some staggering drivel what a mess.

It goes wrong from the title onwards, "why modern feminism is illogical, unnecessary and evil". It is none of them. I'm not sure why he makes a distinction between modern and 'ancient' feminism, presumably, that's lost in the mists of time, therefore can develop a rosy glow.

Though what kind of feminism Satoshi Kanazawa an "evolutionary psychologist" would find acceptable is hard to imagine from his statements. He feels feminism is;
the radical notion that women are men
Cheeky! It's the radical notion that women are human beings. But you can see the source of his angst, having more than one half of  the species being fully human is just too much. It probably goes against the true exegesis of evolution.

It's one or t'other, men or women.

How depressing.

No wonder he's in a bit of a bad mood.

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