Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Webble metabolism

Says she who has only ever intentionally dieted for the total of one afternoon, although if I understand the dieting research correctly, my complete lack of willpower is probably why I haven't gained weight overall since reaching adulthood.
From a Megan McArdle post. The other day I was talking to someone about why some people get it and others don't. I said that I think it might be a kind of personality trait that enabled some to grasp the facts on fatness and weight loss.

I've just realised that when MM mentioned that she was 6" 2, maybe that explains how she went from saying that people on welfare should be denied food stamps to being able to grasp that the obesity crisis is mainly B/S in two years.

She's a size outlier herself. I've noticed the way some tall people feel incredibly ungainly and exposed themselves, like they take up too much space and feel self-conscious about it and not just women.

There's possibly the nerve state after growth sensitivity thing too, perhaps.

The above quote was from a comment from Tracy W caught my eye, it was honest and amusing. She says she has appalling willpower because of course that term now = how well you can diet, which is a shame.

In reality, the fact that extensive willpower is so ineffectual that really shows just how useless dieting is, anything efficacious would yield to such force of will as have been applied to it, that's the whole point of it the power of your will, it is not magjick. It works when there's something to work with it.

What this woman seems to have is a webble like weight regulation which no matter what happens just seems to go back more or less its original setting for no apparent reason. Neither goes up nor down.

I've never understood why they don't study these kinds of people, her inability to diet may well be due to that integrity. Funnily enough, my capacity to diet is about equal with hers, difference is, I kept trying.

That way madness lay.

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