Saturday, 19 September 2009

Blaming the hated for hurting

Kimdog over at BfB led me here . To another piece of blatant attempt at conscience salving by those who willingly choose to immerse themselves in the sewer of the obesity crisis. Honestly you'd think they had no damn choice at all. Let me give them a piece of advice, if by not blaming your quarry you find that your position is morally untenable to you, ABANDON IT, that my friends isn't rocket science.

Apparently a Canadian study has found that obesity is not the result of low self esteem but the cause.

One of the things I noted after years of unsuccessfully trying to turn healthy eating and exercise as a weight loss strategy to use the very same metabolism to outwit itself. Was how my chronic depression was bound up in it. The psychological element was pretty obvious, but what came as a real surprise was the physiological elements which seemed to be two fold.

First it was as metabolic adaptation, that is energy conservation. By that I mean that part of the way my metabolism adjusted to trying to lower calories, was either depression itself or it was a direct side effect of it.

Direct means, that if I want to become depressed right now, all I have to do is to think about thinking about reducing calories/going on a diet.

I am serious.

I didn't notice it until I stopped dieting because I was so deep in the mire, that I didn't have the subtlety of nuanced energy or moods to notice that kind of shift.

Secondly, the fatness itself might well have contained within it this "metabolic depression".

In essence, they are the same factors, but one is about the body deciding to gain weight for whatever reason; compensation, mood alteration, defence/coping mechanism et al. The other is about defending your weight, whatever it is, from self induced famine(s).

This doesn't even touch on the knock to one's esteem of being made to play the baddie, if you care about being seen as being a good person. The article quotes the study concluding that low self esteem doesn't cause fatness, is simply not credible in my experience.

It leaves out something else, that your metabolism itself might tune in to a constant state of low self esteem. In a sense your emotions are part of your personal energy equation, so it could one and the same, one part of your metabolic equation, affecting, pulling your energy and therefore your metabolism in a certain direction.

I would be surprised if this can be ruled out at this stage, it would be like saying that low self esteem doesn't cause depression, it's the other way round.

This is silly, it's circular, maybe " x causes y" is a paradigm straining to far, it's really, x is caused by x, or x is y.

Depression in overweight children begins as young as 10, with obese children nearly twice as likely to report feelings of low self-worth than their counterparts who are at a normal, age-appropriate weight.

This doesn't support their conclusions, if low self esteem is a trigger for metabolic change that could cause fatness-and for all I know in some, thinness- then low self esteem will be present.

They say it's tragic. It's always tragic when they can blame the individual or the parent, but never so when obesity wallahs are causing it by condemning children to a lifetime of second class social status.

Unsurprisingly, accepting the obesity mantle continues to bite during the flux of the teenage years, making them, "sad and anxious" and more susceptible to suicidal thoughts and drug use. The sad and anxious is correct, the evil that wo/men do is enough to sadden the heart of any young human.

Again none of this makes them question the branding of children this way, but the "failure" of parents to turn that branding into weight loss success, usually a non-sequitur if there ever was one.

It's one of the reasons why I get so irritated when we are told those who peddle this self serving shit at the expense of those least able to defend themselves are 'well meaning'.

I hope what any parents reading this will take is just how ruthless the crisis devotees are prepared to get. In a sense, the well meaning thing should really read, diminished responsibility, like those who go to the developing world where people have minimal access to birth control and preach abstinence, due to their deeply held convictions that this is the only moral course.

Parents must be take matters into their own hands, and teach especially their fat children to have a different more distant relationship to authority, even if that has to include their own. They must tell their children that they were born with self esteem and their innate worth is therefore their birthright and is not be be handed to them via those who feel it is their business to dispense it to them. This is a lesson a lot of groups in society have to reckon with, it's about time some parents of fat children woke up to this.

I suspect a lot of them have, which is why they've cause to complain about the lack of awareness and denial, for that read, not interested in killing their children (or themselves)spiritually from the inside out, due to the instructions of those who's interests or beliefs are totally served by this. As far as is possible children must be cautioned them against allowing society to dictate the worth, unchecked and unquestioned, on virtually any account.

Teaching them to think things through objectively, examine obesity ideology with them, encouraging them to question it and examine the consequences of it. Above all ask, who benefits from this point of view?

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