Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Boneheaded misandry

I've just heard via this that there is skepticism about the concept of misandry. Apparently there is no such thing. I find this hard to believe. When you lift up the hatred of women there seems to be a loathing of maleness lurking underneath.

Misanthropy rules in the end.

Our ability as humans to use one part of our minds to abstract ideas about how we should be seems to be a vehicle for being ashamed of ourselves the whole time. Our current abstraction of calories in/out is an example of how our conception of how we are supposed to work doesn't match the reality of how we work.  Too often, instead of adjusting our thinking, we attempt to adjust ourselves to what cannot be.

Not sure why.

I find there is boneheaded misandry, around in circles that are supposedly 'traditional' and supposedly respectful of men. Treating men as if they are children and need women to civilize them and so on. In fact that seems to be required in order for men to fulfill their role in that scenario.

I agree though that a lot of the cry of man hater directed at feminists is in the main deeply disingenuous. You can see this especially when women who fit into the more desired models often get a free run to be far more insulting to men than most feminists usually are.

However women cannot be, nor should they have to be perfect. Some don't like men or their influence over us, whether you feel that is an understandable reaction to what men put down is another story.

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