Monday, 28 September 2009

Making self-abuse feel right

A while back I got into a little contretemps with a long term weight loss dieter, who claimed that if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to be positive about it.

I was reminded of a certain well known (in some circles) fat person, who had regained lost weight, after a number of years. This fattie was very down on himself and was told if he expected to regain his former status  as WLD success. Then he should keep his chin up.

I said this was incorrect because this negativity, over and above disappointment of such a reversal, the process of weight loss and keeping it off often required the development of an extremely negative countenance. Because it is essentially a form of self assault and it requires that sort of mood to be a constant, in order for that to make sense.

I myself did not realise this until a force pause after diet burnout revealed to me, that WLD no longer made sense to my mind and body, because I'd had a few weeks off. I hadn't even realized I was doing it. I thought my reaction was a scrupulously honest, i.e. harsh, assessment of my failings regarding dieting. Which I believed was logical, doable and that I must be failing.

What this person didn't realise, probably because she had the relief of a body that yielded to weight loss dieting's imperative, is this man's negative mood, reflected what he needed to diet. It was not the other way around-needed to diet, so what angry/resentful/felt greedy.

Well what do you know, it is now being claimed in a survey that negativity is a requisite for weight loss. Now obviously I should be a little wary, just because it agrees with what I said, doesn't mean that it isn't the usual tripe obesity peddlers like to trot out. Mind you, the fact that it goes against the usual, you fatties are sooo negative makes it worth a look.

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