Monday, 21 September 2009

Welfare dependency-endpoint not option

Looking at part of the quote explaining the taxpayers alliance mission statement and talking about the government.

They spend 48% of our income, yet fail to deliver decent services.

Indeed; and they're after more in the form of shame taxes or taxes-for what you may use to keep you sane.

But "shame taxes", more snappy.
They promise prosperity, yet tax and regulate our economy into stasis.

I'd say that if they replaced "prosperity" with 'education' and "economy" with 'mind's, that is what creates welfare dependency.

Those with well developed minds, don't tend to want to go on welfare; what for?People who like to convert their disillusion with the world of work as it is (and it's ethics) in an advanced capitalist society into a utopian vision of existing on welfare as a life free of cares, woes and adult responsibilities, need to get that chip off their shoulder. If it were the case people on the dole would be living the longest and healthiest of all lives. They don't because being unable to gain a foothold or repeatedly losing their grip, suggests things that don't tend to go with excellent long term health prognosis.

A young mind that has been developed to explore and understand both itself and the world, combined with the inexperience of not having yet failed should be full of plans, dreams and ambitions, it shouldn't be that tired quite yet. The fact that so many are spat out at the end of over a decade of 'education' only to land on government assistance is a definitive comment on that so-called system of 'education', not mere coincidence, or the innate uselessness of the initiative impaired, as a lot including many fauxgressives self servingly fancy.

Incidentally, it's largely they who run this mis-education system. One has to ask if a question such as what is the point of having a load of highly motivated working class populace, what are they going to do exactly? How will that affect those trained to feel a certain lifestyle is their birthright?

Potentially, messy.

Now you might feel that's a little harsh, these people are well-meaning (now where have I heard that before?), maybe, but meaning well meaning doesn't mean, well doing I'm sure even the most well meaning get the principle of being judged by results rather than purely by intent.

A lot of people feel that if you are working class, you must aspire 'upward'. But if say your father is a lawyer and your mother a teacher, and you wish to be a doctor, you're not really aspiring are you? You are in essence, wishing to remain, more or less in the strata you are born, you like it, you know it and it's rules and codes, your family is there, the people you love and grew up with.

Difference is, those instincts don't tend to be quite so pathologised, and you so obviously penalised for them. Either way, if WC's and others are allowed to develop their minds-from points that make sense to them. They will not be apathetic and listless.

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