Saturday, 26 September 2009

Taxing people

Rather than a shame tax on foods, some fantasize there should be a tax on the fat body itself. On fat people effectively.

Not only does this man think fatness is different from 'obesity'. The latter being fat beyond his wildest dreams. He thinks that fat people are like objects, like cigarettes.

The purpose of taxing fat people is of course to avoid taxing food that slim people like to eat. Even though they're supposed to be slim due to eating so well. As they're only occasional and rare indulgers of this kind of food. If ever. You'd think they wouldn't miss it if it was unavailable.

Especially as he insists, fat people use up 42% more in health care costs compared to the normal weighted. You'd think they'd be able to make no sacrifice, shut all fast food, soft drinks and confectionery down.

Ensuring slimness for all.

Problem solved.

But no, though slim people are rarely seen but dead eating any of this as we know. They remain remarkably attached to it. Seeking to avoid any infraction on it, despite moaning about what they consider to be the costs of fulfilling their wishes.

I say theirs, because I'm sure fat people's views will be disregarded as usual. If it wasn't for the only views that count. Hey, why not tax the slim until they get out of their own way. 

Let's end their suffering, that of having people fat at them.

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