Tuesday, 15 September 2009

We are all doomed, (if only the facts would co-operate)

Much to mirth to be gained from this article in the daily mail which tries it's usual, yegads we're all doomed mentality and fails due to mere facts getting in the way.

Using a study on women's bodies and measurement's from 60 years ago, comparing them to today.

We are taller on average by 2 inches and 7 pounds heavier, this means average BMI was 24.9 and is now 24.7

Yes that means BMI has gone down on average much to their chagrin I sense, they are chastened somewhat to be sure. We have bigger waists, by 7 inches, alhtough I suspect like one of the commenter's that the previous tradition of wearing girdles, which was as widespread as wearing a bra, women felt the same way about going out without one on, until they got old.

It was a tight band of material that went from under your bra to your hips, or was more like this .

Long term wearing definitely had the effect of training your tummy inward to some extent, although rather like the extra boobage you get with a too tight bra, there could sometimes be overspill.

Hips have only gone up 1 inch this means giving a more straight up and down than hourglass, clearly DM sees this as unfeminine and presents it as 'hormonally imbalanced', IOW, when women aren't trying to fake womanhood, social constructs mysteriously morph into biology.

As ever, they tell us the truth, without meaning to, if we're paying a bit of attention.

Our feet are also bigger, which they try gamely to make a problem, they say we need bigger feet for a taller frame, feet have gone from size 3 1/2 to size 6, but because it's due to the 7 pound weight gain-yes stay with me- it's a problem, they (hope)think. Yeah, makes sense to me too. That's why I say there's a tinge of the occult about this, the overspill of energy invested into obese=you die, it's become obese, please die. I hope we never have to invoke the antidote spell for that.

You see this with other beliefs we invest hugely in, we get to the point where we wish ill on others, to make ourselves right. We want so badly to be in the right and for things to go our way.

Happy reading!

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