Tuesday, 15 September 2009

DIVA magazine's FAT issue

Well done to all at DIVA magazine for a having a fat issue that doesn't descend into the usual nonsense. It features two very sassy fat divas on the cover looking very glam, articles, one on HAES (if you like that sort of thing), on modelling, interviews, a couple of opinion pieces and profiles.

It's wonderful to just read opinions about fat- as if we've returned to the age of reason- and actual thoughts, you know, the kind that involve actual engagement of brain power, from intelligent and engaged people, thank you.

The fact that I don't agree with all of what's said, doesn't matter a jot, because what's important is the exchange of thought energy.

We are all in this life together, however long we have the fortune to be here, let's have all hands on deck when it comes to doing the deepest thinking we can for the good of us all.

Whoah, I'm getting a bit excited. Probably because I'm glad to be saying thanks at last. What I hate is having hearing people thanked for regurgitating the same old bullshit, especially when they ought to know better. By that I mean they could be expected to fail better than that.

Again, it's not just about we agree, its' about, I respectfully and most vociferously disagree, or what about this or that?

Anyway, I want to repost, reply and respond to so many who've written I'll just post as many posts as I feel merit it.

N.B. The on-line edition doesn't allow full access so it might be worth getting hold of a copy in person.

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