Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Fat self love does normals no favours

Same drivel straight out of the lucky country from one Susie O'Brien who should be ashamed to take the money.

Subtitled 'Big women the latest fashion craze'

This farticle proceeds to show yet again that the crisis is directed not at fat people, it merely uses and abuses us. It refers to Melbourne Fashion Week which used models of size 14-18 on the catwalk.

The writer uses the term 'stick insects' to describe thin models- this and other digs are supposed to convince us she is not relentlessly jealous of thin women because she projects on to them a moral purity they didn't ask to represent. Memo to fat haters who attack the thin, you are not fooling anyone there either.

This is about making the 'normals' feel better about themselves, whether they ask for it or not, because fat and slender alike exist to surround the accetable and sacrifice themselves to make the impossible happen. Making those who decided to make their self esteem weight based feel at peace. Piece of advice, base your self worth on your existence, not the number on the scale or the size of your butt if you want a chance at that. If you don't, we cannot save you by hating ourselves.

Many commentators have ably shot it to muck as it deserves, but I just had to pick up on a few points.

WHY are we suddenly lavishing love on the larger ladies

Sorry, but who's we?

Allow me to explain, we fat people are the ones who are deciding to fully reclaim what is our birthright and that of every citizen, self respect.

It's ours to to set aside or to nuture. We believed that we should succeed at insane weight loss schemes bandied about. When we did not, we thought we were in the wrong and as moral people, we felt badly toward ourselves about it.

We now know better.

Our self esteem is not yours to bestow.

Try hating people who increasingly doesn't give a rat arse, I think you'll find it hard work, something it wasn't before, because we were doing the work for you. Expect that to change.

While these women might make us feel better about our bulging butts and guts, the truth is, few women over a size 14 are in a healthy weight range.

Staggering, you think other people's bodies exist as a tool to regulate your own?This is the essense of the crisis, it was not designed to be directed straight at fat people, it merely uses and abuses us to keep people like Ms O'Brien in line, and they are too dimwitted to see it, because they think they are at the top of the hierarchy. Come alive Susie.

So much for her earlier asinine attempt at concern trolling, she and the rest are not remotely interested in fat people on any level except as part of their own agenda existing to serve her ends. Those of validating her position and serving her as a 'motivator' to avoid the horror that will occur if she ceased her self abuse. I use that term, because of this kind of thing;

Losing weight is hard work. It takes sacrifice and effort. As a mother of three in my late 30s with a new gym membership, I know this first-hand.
You volunteered, you hate what you are doing to yourself and thing it entitles you to direct others to despise themselves. If you don't like what you're doing to yourself, stop. If you won't stop, stew in your own hate, don't look to void it on those who have no say in what you do to yourself.

It's much easier to accept the pro-fat manifesto than hit the treadmill.

If 'pro-fat' is a reference to FA, then I'd say is it really? Because I couldn't care less whether it's easier or harder to be an abject dupe of healthism or not.

From what I've seen of the poverty of intelligence or thoughtfulness from most phobes, they care only about representing things that serve their delusional fantasies of salvation and ever lasting life through the punitive impositions they inflict on themselves.

So easier from whichever vantage point?

Depends on your chosen beliefs.

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