Friday, 11 September 2009

Well meaning? Dare to dream!

One of the many things that gets on my nerves about the obesity chimera, is the insistence that its devotees are 'well meaning'. Bilge.

Why such a need to believe or assert it, isn't it clear?  So many people including denizens of the fat acceptance movement, are just insulting fat people this way.

Basically they're saying, well meaning for you. What utter contempt.

Well meaning for us is well meaning for everyone and vice versa, if that makes anyone's head spin, sit down.

Someone comes up to me and asks for the time/directions. I answer. Do you know why? Because I am well meaning and that is one of the first rules of a gentlemanperson, listening (I can manage at least one).

Where have we been listened to?

On contrary we are deliberately not listened to because to do any thing else would dismantle the ill logic marbled through this stupid witch hunt and people don't want that. Not only have they decided not to listen to us, they bought into a way of thinking which could not survive it.

I'd say doubly not well meaning.

People forget, most of us have been treated well enough to know what well meaning is and it is not the crisis rhetoric or assumptions. Then there are things like seeking to exhaust us by making us feel we don't deserve the esteem of ourselves or others. Then ordering us to take that sapped energy and waste more than is left to 'lose weight'. Of course people want us to succeed.

As if all this is the only, let alone a desirable way to achieve anything. Is the potential damage considered what measures were put in play to deal with that?

When was the intent to call it a day or decide, it hasn't worked? It would have to be pretty quick because the more taxing the method, the more quickly it needs to be effective. Especially as its about health or else it could compromise health before it can save it.

But I don't need to say all this because the well meaning people have gone through this thoroughly I'm sure. They've certainly had plenty of time.

I've never doubted those supporting the crisis are mainly good people, in a way it is the nastiness of good people.

The problem is, this doesn't make it better, it makes it worse in many ways, which is why the denial compare with the relish the slimming industry and Big Pharma are called out, because they're filthy trade and therefore, bad.

The good people use the knowledge of their own goodness to convince themselves they mean well  when they know full well they do not. Switching down their consciences to enable behaviour they would not wish to be subject to themselves, what do you appeal to?

It is the goodness of people that keeps you believing that you are hurting because you need to way past bad people saying it because nice people wouldn't knowingly steer you wrong. The confidence that gives!

The trust.

How clueless were we? Look at those fat people who are still in thrall to fat hating, it's like an even more abject form of masochism, without any of the usual charm.

There is a distinct whiff of self comforting about all this, a need to keep believing not in the goodness of people, we agree on that, but on their good intent. This is rather shown up by the fury directed at the slimming industry and anyone who trades in something were by definition, everyone is a troll.

If some are well meaning, all must be, even if they aren't, how can you tell?

I don't think we need it, what can be worse than some of what we have gone through? The blame,  the isolation the sense of being stripped of defences, the sense of unreality, exactly why is it any worse than facing the fact that good people can knowingly do wrong?

Does it make us feel foolish? Duped, of course it does, so? Is it really such a shock to be treated with utter contempt?

We are all capable of it, we are all probably doing it to someone else, some other group.

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