Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Paranoia about macro-nutrients is so inevitable and predictable, it's hard to get worked up about. One can only stand back appalled watching people swinging in the corner they've made for themselves. The one that insists food is the absolute end of regulating seemingly every aspect of the human body.

Of course the overall sway of your emotions affects your appetite, digestion and your body's efficient use of them. How could it be anything else? We are not robots. Those emotions travel in something. Mostly the nervous system. That is the primary system running hunger and appetite mechanisms, d'uh.

Why do so many people feel the need to boast about not ingesting sugar as if it is some kind of a moral triumph? Most of our food has to be converted to sugar in order for our bodies to be able to use it. Which is why insulin the hormone which has a major role in our bodies being able to use that energy/sugar. Which is why diabetes, the condition where the pancreas either isn't making enough or the body is somehow 'resisting' the effects of insulin leads to a high level of sugar circulating in the blood. The body isn't using it up.

Memo to sucrophobes, due to the nature of our bodies, if you ingest sugar, it is easily usable and absorbable by the body. Can we not pretend this is sinister? Thanks.

It's also part of why our bodies can crave sugar under duress. Stress can be extraordinarily draining, physically and emotionally. We can crave a quick boost of energy. Also a factor in alcoholism.

Do we really think that hasn't been quite an enabler for the creepylicious obesity crock to slither into people's consciousness? Whether a soda tax would or would not affect me is irrelevant. Either it's wrong or it is right.

 It is wrong, because it is a shame tax. It's wrong because it legitimizes the idea that food causes fat, it demonizes a perfectly natural foodstuff, rather than using intelligence to manage and deal with any issues. It's wrong, because the people running our governments already get enough of a proportion of income to run it decently enough.

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