Monday, 14 September 2009

Eating our beliefs

Important post Sandy concerning the nerve wearing growth in describing deathly symptoms following eating food that the human body is perfectly capable of digesting easily-and has done for centuries.

These symptoms in short can be summed up as whenever I eat x I feel really really dirty, physically, mentally, and morally, the bad kind of dirty that is.

It doesn't really matter how many times you question this, you'll not get far, because what is happening, is often what they want. This food is bad, it makes me feel bad, hurrah!

This fact, makes me intrinsically a good person (in a moral sense), and often though not always, a person of innate discernment, someone who enjoys and responds well only to the finer things.

Those who eat that shit, because that is often what they call it (incidentally, try thinking of your salad as excrement and see if there's a difference in your 'enjoyment' of it), are as dirty as what they like to eat, not only that, they are further polluting themselves from within. Needless to say, fat people don't tend to come out of this very well, (it also puts fat healthists on the defensive), indeed that is the point, it's like a communion of like with like. The good people and the good food, come together to in some kind of psychic completion, and the same for the bad people/food.

Like within, draws like without, to itself.

So it turns out that this is part of our old friend the nocebo effect, which is just the placebo effect gone bad. Both are the same process, just one positive, one negative.

I've often wondered whether-if it possibly exists- the placebo dividend-of dieting is hiding out.

It is a mystery that I've pondered on, all but the most utterly useless, poisonous even-arsenic tinctures were once used as a pick me up in Victorian times- can somehow engage the mind to produce some kind of of positive effect. I know this must happen with dieting, but amongst the many bad, it's hard to ascertain, precisely what.

But this has always seemed the most likely suspect, our neurotic beliefs about food, that are spreading among us in our spoilt world of plenty. You know how they say we eat with our our eyes?

Well, not only do we eat with our beliefs; we eat them too. It's why I had to get off the healthy eating track. I could no longer stomach the effects of those beliefs. In a sense I had to 'do a detox', but it really it was more, mental de-programming.

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