Thursday, 10 September 2009


A while back on her blog, Bree raised Kevin Federline's (babydaddy supreme and Britney Spears ex) more recent weight gain. K-Fed having come to our attention as in a slim incarnation, is now fat. His erstwhile paramour Shar Jackson made the astute observation describing this gain as 'daddy weight'.

Now I know that most folk in the fatosphere hate speculation on weight gain, it's no one's biz and all that. Well I have to say my curiosity exceeds my ability to give way. The trouble with switching it off for "privacy's" sake is it tends to lead to disengagement and that is really the same as not caring.

That often hurts the most. What's reminded me of him, was this If you can't be bothered, it's short enough to quote in full (coming to us via Polly Hudson by the way);
When Britney was loopy, Kevin Federline was slim and trim. As soon as she started sorting herself out, he started putting on weight. Now, the saner she gets, the fatter he gets. She better pray he doesn't go on a diet any time soon just in case the mad/thin ratio works both ways...
Loopy= (in) mental difficulties.

It's as ridiculous as all heck, but I just can't stop thinking about partnerships where weight seems to become like a wave, rolling from one to the other. In this case PH is suggesting it's some kind of emotional marker. Is it really possible that some kind of transference goes on?

Her reference suggests Britney's mental discomfort was shock absorbed by K-Fed!

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