Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Why does the body return to the start?

Why does the body tend to return to it's previous size? I'm not convinced its due to pre-determination or genes. How else would people diet themselves (sometimes way) up the scale?

Our body's definitely fighting stubbornly to remain a certain size and to get back to it as quickly as possible if we manage to prise it away from their. Or rebound.

The theory is that we are all destined to weigh within a certain range of about 20-30 lbs set point theory, put v. simply I feel, makes the mistake of conflating rebound with genetic pre determination, they are seperate things. The rebound and genetic weight that is.

Our bodies return to our pre-weight loss diet weight, because they are programmed to, not because of our weight genes instructing them to. There are other process where the body behaves similarly. When you donate blood, it replenishes itself, you could even liken it to when you hold your breath you lungs seek to refill etc.,

In this case it may well be more related to whatever keeps many of us more or less the same weight, slim or fat year after year. The force stopping us from gaining, is the other side of what's stopping us from retaining deficit.

It's just no-body expected it to happen with fat cells. Why is fascinating. Far more so than a set point theory of genetic kismet.

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