Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Weight loss isn't intrinsically painful

Calorie manipulation does though. Weight loss and weight loss dieting are not interchangeable, this what is deemed a useful fiction. Those who promote and use restriction as the answer, feel that it is distracting to think of it as it really is, an assumption of how deliberate weight loss could be achieved.

It's also demoralizing to be enduring the distress and pain of your body, whilst comparing it to the body's painless weight loss.

That happens naturally as a by product of your body's use of energy to fuel itself, it is not a creation of the slimming industry, who do not wish to remind you how bad their theory is. By setting the bar so high on pain and discomfort, people are grateful for any relief a product gives them, no matter how costly.

We can see this with weight loss surgery, people are so relieved that they don't have to use their mind to reduce their stomach to nothing, along with fighting the urge to live (hunger) trying to force themselves to perform activities their body is screaming for them to stop, along with all the calorie counting, fear of rebound, all this means they are prepared to have the function of their organs reduced in exchange for a little less stress.

This shows dietary restriction can be as taxing mentally as it is physically and that's before you consider the addition of familial and societal stigma.

Insisting weight loss is painful encourages people to accept an excess of it, without complaint or question. Its far harder to accept pain and trauma if you see it as a product of the appalling incompetence of dieting, rather than c'est la vie.

We need to reserve the capacity to mentally separate weight loss from weight loss dieting whether we approve of either, or we are playing into the hands of those who insist that pain is necessary to lose weight, when it clearly isn't.

That's an addition of the crude hypothesis of calorie restriction, which lends itself to harshness and violence, it after all takes its inspiration from starvation, the slow excruciating death of a human being due to the absence of food.

Everything we have been taught and know about metabolism is through the distortion of being bent around the energy restriction hypothesis, solely for the purpose of shoring up its plausibility, it needs it as it is a false doctrine, not one built from constant observation of the true picture.  It's a shallow reading, intended as a quick fix solution.

Losing weight should not be intrinsically painful. We have to understand the distress is more the body's response to restriction, not to losing weight which is the by product of what is causing the assault on it.

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