Sunday, 6 September 2009

Thin (thigh) shaming

The story that thin thighs purport to be a sign of poorer heart health has gained some traction over the week. I caught this particular version via bfb .

My first thought on hearing it was the same wariness that I've learned from the deluge of fat=degeneracy in all forms, stories that we're usually subjected to.

One of the things I bear in mind in all this, is the fact that healthism is a cult that seeks always to recruit.



To see it as fat against thin would be a mistake, it's as much against thin people, just in a different way.

It seeks to unsettle everyone and everyone must be on a diet, or a 'lifestyle' because dieting, fuels hatred of fat and fatness. Without it, people tend to remain unpredictably ambivalent to fatness as a hate category.

The key measurement to worry about, remember you should never consider when you can worry, is less than 60 cms about 23.6 ins.

“Typically a 23.6-inch thigh on a female would be a size 6 to 8,” said Greg Benson, president of the International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association. A woman with thighs that size might be 5-foot-1 and weigh about 135 pounds,

Really? Because 5ft 1ins 135 lbs gives you a bmi of 25.5, which would make you technically overweight.

So even though you are thin enough to compromise your heart, you aren't thin enough to be considered acceptably weighted.

But the point here is the original purpose of the obesity and the crisis, to recruit the 'worried well' into a belief system that venerates a proto anorexic lifestyle.

The point is to disrupt your peace, so that you can channel that psychic rage to a target.

Fat people.

Teaching you how to hate others, teaches you how to hate yourself. Training you to bully others into worry, teaches you how to do the same for yourself, it's like an overspill.

For similar reasons, I take no comfort in the fact that thin thighs might be something of concern, I don't look to reassurance or worry from health study findings in the popular press.

So do yourself and the rest of us a favour, look down at you skinny thighs with love, stroke them and caress them. And don't hate them.

Try thinking about how it would be, if your hips were joined straight to your knees.

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